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EAI International Conference on Smart City Experimental and Digital Business Development Platforms

November 29–30, 2017 | Helsinki, Finland

Day 1

Key note session

Session A

Session B


Experimental, testing platforms, test beds and Living Labs for Smart Cites. Experiences, trends, interconnection. (Session A)

  • Experimental platforms for Smart Cities technologies and systems
  • System architecture of experimental platforms including openness, federation, scalability 
  • Testing platforms
  • IoT, 5G, Future internet experimental platforms and projects
  • Virtual Living Labs
  • City as Lab
  • Cross border Living Labs platforms
  • Smart Cities domains experimental facilities (environment, health, security, infrastructure)  
  • Digital business development platforms and growth environments
  • Interfaces with smart city existing urban systems or components through standard APIs
  • Economic, organizational, security  and legal aspects of experimental, testing and demonstration faculties


Connectivity, federation and virtualization technologies (Session B)

  • Federation of test beds and experimental platforms
  • Virtualization
  • Connectivity and federation of remote faculties
  • Integration with large scale networks
  • Virtual Living Labs



Session C

Session D

Panel session


Service platforms (Session C)

  • Shared application development platforms  
  • Public e-services experimental platform
  • Citizens participation and tools 


Living Labs and experimental platforms as source of experimental realistic data on Smart Cities techno-social-economic systems  (Session D)

  • Crowdsourcing experimental platforms
  • Internet and mobile network platforms for experimental data collection
  • Models , societal, behavioral, economic, system research results and models validation with the experimental data to support innovation, new services and business models